Kevin Clarke
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Tracy Cullinan said:   May 29, 2017 12:53 pm PST
Hello. I was thinking about Kevin today- Memorial Day. We worked at Centennial Park Aquatic Center together and hung out a few times outside of the pool. I wanted to share a story about Kevin. There was a swimmer in distress and Kevin jumped in. By the time he reached that swimmer, the mom had also jumped in...she couldn't swim either. The father, upon seeing his wife and child in distress, also jumped in. He couldn't swim either. So poor Kevin now went from having one small child to rescue to two adults and one child. And of course, like the hero he was, he managed to bring them all to safety with ease. Kevin was a really great man, and I am glad I knew him.

Kerri O'Leary said:   February 6, 2016 8:43 pm PST
I never knew Kevin, but think of him often. He made a big difference in many lives and his memory lives on.

Sylvia Aguilar said:   November 14, 2015 12:22 am PST
I'll never forget where we met, how we met and why we met. I thank God I forgot my keys that night. They brought me to where you were standing all alone. I will always feel so blessed to have met you and privileged to have the honor of making beautiful memories together. That same night we talked until we watched the sunrise. The next day we shared pizza under the London Bridge in Havasu. Then our stroll along the Havasu Lake channel by the shops. You left to 29Palms that day but kept in touch. You came to Blythe to see me on Easter weekend and we went to the river and walked along the sandy shore.Then we went to have lunch at the Pizza Place where we ordered a large pizza. I had one slice and you ate all the rest! I couldn't believe you did that without getting sick. That evening we visited the theatre and watched "The Passion of The Christ." You held me tight throughout the movie and when the scenes intensified, so did your grip on me. I know it was difficult for you to watch as it was for me. The following day you went back to 29Palms and soon after on a second tour. I didn't hear from you until you called me from the middle east to thank me and let me know you received your package. You were excited that you had just turned 21. Then, it was late in 2005 when I was watching Good Morning America and the same picture you gave me was on the news, that's when I knew why still hadn't heard from you. Kevin, you filled my life with fun and laughter, and with your kindness and gentleness. You were a sweetheart of a gentleman always making me feel protected and respected. The photos you gave me, sit on my desk at work and I think of your smile and Tom Cruise brows often. Lol ;-) I will always have these special moments with you in my life. And again, I'm deeply honored to have them. My heart will forever be tickled with a smile when I see your face. You will never be forgotten. Thank You Cpl. Kevin M. Clarke for giving your all for us all. Lots of Love to you

laura green said:   February 19, 2015 5:01 pm PST
Thinking of you and your family today and everyday.

Joe Sparks said:   May 20, 2014 2:54 pm PST
looking to buy an xl shirt. My wife bought one and I forgot to get mine. don't know if there were different styles but I like the army green one with the flag on the sleeve and it says remember on the back. thx,Joe

Sarah Brooks said:   February 19, 2014 7:59 pm PST
I was a lifeguard with Kevin and a couple years younger than him at Andrew. He was one of my favorite people to spend my summers with. I remember his first rescue at the pool, and having thousands of mosquito bites because he never wanted to wear mosquito repellent. I smile remembering him everyday, but especially today. I will never forget getting the call that Cpl. Kevin Clarke had made the ultimate sacrifice. He will never be forgotten.

Bettiann Davis said:   November 11, 2013 11:04 am PST
RIP Kevin. Though I never met you, you were my son's (Sgt. Ryan Mazon) BEST friend. You will NEVER be forgotten!

Linda Reule-Cutrano said:   September 13, 2013 8:31 pm PST
I was thinking it's time for Kevin's Memorial Ride and looking forward to talking about Kevin, seeing Phil and Cathy and the family. (I will check back in 2014) Please know you all have been on my mind and want to send you peace and love

Kim Vazzana McCulloch said:   July 21, 2013 5:07 pm PST
Recently I went to the Middle East Conflicts Memorial in Marseilles, which I've gone to a few times to pay tribute to Kevin. I miss him often. I think of him every time I pass his plaque at Andrew High, too. I don't teach there any more, but I still direct/choreograph for the theatre program. Kevin used to be one of my favorite students. He was so articulate, intelligent, and diplomatic in my Debate class. But then after school, he and a few other students would hang out and we'd all just laugh a lot. He was a light that went out too soon, and will always be remembered. Love, "Vazz"

Matt Tidball said:   February 19, 2013 3:32 am PST
8 years ago we honor the life of a best friend of mine...a true hero..a brother..a son to the amazing Clarke family..our superman! Not a day goes by where Kevin doesn't bring a good memory and a smile to my face! I'll never forget the amazing times we shared with him...Kevin, I miss you man! I know your smiling down on us every day! Until we meet again brother...I can say its been a lifetime honor to have known you...become such amazing friends..and serve in the same sands as you did! Always my idol, our superman!

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