Kevin Clarke
Kevin Michael Clarke was born January 22, 1984 (Superbowl Sunday) to Phil and Cathy Clarke. He gave his life for his Country on February 19,  2005  the 60th Anniversary of the Battle for Iwo Jima in a Fire Fight in Sadah, Iraq near the Syrian border. Kevin grew up in Tinley Park, IL. the fourth of five children Cindy, Tim, Katie, and Laura.

"It is quite clear, if you seek, you will find and if you ask you will receive. God will supply the answers. All we have to do is ask the questions and have faith" -Kevin Clarke

High School Graduation - 2002

Kevin Skydiving in San Diego 2003

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Kevin and Sgt. Jason Abernathy
Al Anbar Province, Iraq

A Tribute to Kevin by his Uncle Larry
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